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For English speakers

Welcome to the personal website of Hedwig van Driel.

As my portfolio shows, most of the assigned writing I have done has been in Dutch. However, as you can see from the more free-form blog I used to keep here, as well as my very irregularly dispatched newsletter, I am also comfortable writing in English. I’ve been reviewing movies since 2007, and I am now a member of the editorial board of the magazine for genre film Schokkend Nieuws, for which I have written some more analytic and general pieces, about for instance the Twilight phenomenon, the career of Christopher Nolan, Psychotic Women in films and female action heroines. I also write about television for the Dutch feminist website

I have a few non-blog articles in English. In 2008 I participated in the online “Muriel awards” given out by a group of film bloggers for the second time, and a short piece I wrote about Cate Blanchett was picked up by the Washington Times. I have since then written more pieces for the awards, including one about Polanski’s Repulsion. I also wrote an article about the Dutch tradition of “Zwarte Piet” for the website

I also have a PhD in Theoretical Physics, and am currently working as a trainee patent agent.

You can find me on twitter as @Hedinthecloud, and you can e-mail me at <myfirstname>vd AT yahoo.

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